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Bobby's New Driver Advice

I have been on the road as a ride share partner - driver with Uber for over a Year and a Half. I have given over 4,000 Rides and have a 4.96 +/- rating. I enjoy what I do and have picked up a few tricks I will share to hopefully help you get started.

Rideshare is a Business and you MUST treat it as one.

Start with the most important asset - YOU. Get a Fitness Center Membership before you even start driving. I use L.A. Fitness so I can use any of their facilities anywhere in the city. Take at least an hour break and partake in some light exercise. You will be thankful later.

Attire - It is of little doubt that appearance and first impressions count. The better you look, the better your bottom line will be. Look good, feel good and earn more. A collared shirt is recommended.

Your Vehicle - Your Office - Your Place of Business

Your vehicle is your place of business, point of customer contact and interaction and shared space for the duration of that contact. As in ANY other aspect of life, you get out what you put in. Treat your customers as professional business contacts. Professional Acquaintances, however you think of it and use the opportunity to market your services. Talk positive of Uber, your City and whatever else you do for a living.


Avoid topics or Cultural Issues or Politics. Brush up on Sports. Learn all you can about your city and market yourself in whatever other thing you do for income, no matter what that is. Always maintain control in a polite manner and maintain situational awareness.

Carry a car care kit that includes a gallon jug of water, Washable Rags as well as paper towels, Air Freshener, Armor All and glass cleaner. I use a storage tub that fits nicely in the back of my van. I also carry fix-a-flat, tire shine, spray wax and wipes. See what I use here.

A quality Cell Phone Holder is essential to your business and safety. You never want to operate you vehicle with your Cell Phone in your hand. My holder incorporates a suction cup and an extendable arm that I positioned so it remains at eye level without being a distraction, and it does not block the Air Vent.

Everybody has a different taste in Music. You may not like everything your Clients/Customers like. Suck it up. Keep in mind the more accommodating you are, the better your review and tips. Keep your music middle of the road. Find a radio station that plays a variety of new and old, In my area, FM 107.3 - The River is my go to.

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