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Products I recommend and use daily

Everyone likes a clean Automobile. Clients will compliment you and tip well however, they will comment and rate a dirty automobile with the same enthusiasm. I have found different products that work extremely well, through trial and error. When I have 'dead' time, waiting for my next request, I do maintenance.

The last thing you want is a product you can not put away quickly or a product that requires extra steps like a paste wax. This is my list of essentials followed by convenient product links on Amazon that I keep in a bin and use on a regular basis, I did the leg work:

  • A small to medium sized storage bin that will fit in your trunk, with a lid that you can place luggage on.
  • A spray bottle of Frebreeze or similar Odor Remover. Stay away from heavy perfumes.
  • Kitchen Gloves - Vinyl or Rubber to keep your hands odor free and clean, ready to shake hands and greet Customers.
  • Duster Wand for Dashboard and between seats.
  • Rain-X Window Cleaner or one of your choosing.
  • Armorial Protect ant Wipes for the Interior.
  • Armorial or Turtle Wax Fabric Cleaner (spot remover)
  • Vent Clip Air Fresheners (not the cardboard rearview hanging distraction)
  • Tire Shine and cleaner

One Step, Easy clean up

Size one that fits your Vehicle

A clean smelling car is essential

Hand Protection

Glass Cleaner

Tire Cleaner and applicator

For a dust free dash

Interior Glass

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