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Single Light Portraits

I am starting a project centered around portraits, using one single light source. I intend to make each dramatic, dark and mysterious as the subjuct person allows. Stay tuned.....


Iron and Salt.

In 1834 William Henry Fox Talbot discovered that plain writing paper treated with common table salt and sensitized with silver nitrate darkened when exposed to light. Photogenic drawing paper as he called it was first used to create direct prints of lace, leaves and other botanical specimens.

Salted paper in a variety of forms accounts for a majority of the paper prints made in Europe during the 1840 - 1850's. In recent years, salted paper printing has been revived by photographers who appreciate its unique visual characteristics and are intrigued by the infinite image variations possible with the process. (1)

I embraced the asthetics of salt printing and decided to introduce this beautiful mid 1800's process to the beauty of custom motorcycles and modern photography practices. Time, effort and talent are put into the development and construction of a custom motorcycle. I intend to combine the two in my series "Iron and Salt".

(1) from the Karabinis bible.
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